Happy Products, Inc. is based in Portland, Oregon and was founded by serial entrepreneurs Juliette Fassett and Lou Doctor. Juliette's husband, Bruce, is the inventor of Flippy.

Here's what we'd like you to know about us: We're hard working folks and we're really proud to bring Flippy to market. It has taken years of research, development and extensive investment to get here. Sometimes products look simple to design and make. They're not. Sometimes launching a business to sell a product looks simple and easy. It's not. When we read our enthusiastic reviews - and we read all our reviews - we're just so darn gratified it makes all this hard work worth it.

We have a team of fantastic marketers, data ninjas and designers in Portland. Our China team works closely with us to ensure best practices for manufacturing, product quality, and accuracy. Our supply chain partner for warehousing and distribution is an organization in Salem, Oregon that supports developmentally challenged adults with employment and life skills training. Please take a moment to read about our Washington, DC based non-profit literacy partner; First Book, on our Flip It Forward page and in 2020 we were certified by the Women's Business Enterprise National Council.

A word about Intellectual Property: Flippy is fully trademarked and patented with the US Patent and Trademark Office. This is no small achievement. In a world where it's easy to steal Intellectual Property we ask you to pay attention to this point. Please do not purchase counterfeit or knockoff products. Not only do they undermine a system that rewards hard work and initiative - these products are frequently lower cost because they are built with inferior components using labor that is exploited. Your stuff should make you happy! Please shop thoughtfully.

Thanks for flipping out with us!

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