Meet Bruce.

Bruce is an engineer. He mostly designs optical stuff. But what he truly loves to do is ride his bike. He rides everywhere... on streets, on country roads, on gravel roads, on trails or on the beach. He goes and goes. He also likes to read and sometimes he has a beer while he’s reading. He reads books, magazines, a tablet and a few different eReaders. But sometimes it’s hard to get the right angle for reading and keep your hands free for a drink and your snacks.

So Bruce designed Flippy. It’s sturdy but soft and amazingly light. No matter where you are and what your body position - Flippy has an angle that will work for you. It relieves stress in your neck, wrists, hands and knees caused by propping up your device to get the reading angle you want. Flippy does the work for you. Try it and you’ll see why Flippy gets so many superstar reviews.

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